The one about mornings 

There’s something in the bed…

It’s burrowing under the covers like a mole until a little blond head bursts forth and appears beside me. A smile full of mischief.

Good Christ, he can’t be awake already. I’ve only just got over.

Mummy is pretending to be asleep but I can see that under the covers she is gently nudging him in my direction.

‘Daddy let’s go play!’ he beams.

‘Uhhh, ugggg, uhhhh?’ I respond. Some of my most profound stuff comes early in the morning.

Soon he is dragging me downstairs and pulling out toys that I spent last night putting away.

I turn on the telly and find CBeebies. Hopefully I point at the screen as a possible distraction. ‘Look it’s Ra Ra’.

But he’s already formulating his first game of the day. We’re playing Doctors and Patients this morning which at least has the advantage of allowing me to lie down.

I don’t mind the early starts, I’m a morning person. It’s the fact that there’s no easing into the day, no compensating for the fact that my tired aching limbs might need a wee while to warm up.

It’s a racing car that goes from 0 to 100mph in a millisecond. From deep silence to a full orchestra and choir performing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

I check my watch. It’s just after 6am. It’s going to be a long day. It’s going to be strangely wonderful.

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