The blog about the blog

Hey folks, just wanted to say hello and give a wee update on things.

At some point mid-afternoon today the number of people who have read The Morning Run passed 1,000.

Either that or there is just one person out there who likes it so much to have read it 1,000 times.

The fact that 1,000 people have taken the time to read something so very personal to me is hugely humbling and frankly, a bit difficult to believe.

What started as a traumatic and distressing experience for me has morphed into something undeniably powerful and positive.

Since we launched What’s A Daddy For 10 days ago more than 2,500 people have read my blogs more than 6,500 times.

But these are just numbers. What’s much more important is the people behind those statistics.

What I had never expected when we began this journey was how many beautiful people would reach out to me.

I have been deluged with people contacting me to offer their support, empathy and similar experiences.

Many more have told me how some of my funny stories have put a smile on their face or helped them get through a tough day.

I have tried to respond individually to every single person who has messaged me. If there are any who I have overlooked then I’m truly sorry.

I’m not great in social situations and find it difficult to build relations with new people so to have connected with so many of you has been inspiring.

Yes it’s nice to see the statistics but the stories of the people behind the statistics is the reason I do this now.

We all have stories to tell and writing is the most powerful medium for reaching into the soul of someone you didn’t know existed until that moment.

I’m taking a little break for a day or two from blogging. Frankly I’m worn out after 55 blogs in just over a week. That’s a lot of sharing.

More importantly it’s my wonderful wife’s birthday weekend and she’s been more than patient as I’ve tried to build this blog up. She deserves my full attention now. Love you Debs ❤️

I’ll be back in a couple of days. As always there’ll be lots of laughs and maybe a tear or two along the way.

Keep sending me your messages and  stories and I’ll keep churning out the tales.

As Bryan Adams put it ‘Can’t stop this thing we started!’

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