The DIY maestro 

My da has always been good with his hands.

Just like his da before him.

Being handy, they call it.

Being able to look at a physical problem and know what to do about.

It’s a mixture of a bit of strength and a lot of wisdom and skill. Knowing why certain things happen.

Being able to work out a problem with your mind and then solve it with your hands.

I suppose I’ve privately always aspired to be a bit like that.

Maybe because of my upbringing I’ve never really believed writing to be an honourable way to make a living.

A working man’s hands are rough, hardened by the work and the weather over the years. My hands are soft.

So now when I come up against a manual problem I try to face it like my da.

I take my time, be methodical. I set all the pieces out and think about it like a puzzle.

Then when I have the measure of the task I start to build, one stage at a time.

But sometimes in life there are things you have to face up to. Accepting that there some things which will never be.

Yep, when you can’t put together the toy out of a Kinder Surprise Egg it’s probably time to admit DIY ain’t for you.

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