The squirty camera

My wee buddy is turning into something of a practical joker.

Recently he wanted a whoopee cushion which he made me sit on again and again until it burst (rumours that I stuck a knife in it cannot be proven and my lawyers are watching).

He is also partial to his squirty camera which leads to hours of hilarity as I get splashed repeatedly in the face.

Of course there were a few logistical problems to be overcome first.

Initially he kept blocking the squirty hole with his finger and then got upset when the water didn’t come out.

Once I got him calmed down and overcame that hurdle he was tripped up by the camera button which was too stiff for him to push down.

I tried to help him but it was quite awkward with me pushing onto his finger.

In the end he asked me to do it myself. 

Thus the scene is I’m on my knees in the kitchen holding a toy camera and squirting myself again and again in the face.

Oh, how he laughed.

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