10 reasons why I may be turning into my own granny 

The following are all things that I have recently caught myself saying out loud.

Even though I’m now a stay-at-home daddy they still make me shudder and wonder what is happening.

1 That’s a quare drying day.

2 Take your shoes off before you go into the good room.

3 This hoover just doesn’t have the same suction as the old one.

4 Rinse that mug out when you’re finished otherwise it’ll stain.

5 Make sure and clean those dishes before you put them into the dishwasher.

6 Close that door and keep the heat in.

7 There’s a quare stretch in the evenings.

8 It won’t be long till Christmas now.

9 Don’t open the new milk until the old carton is done.

10 Is there tea still in the pot?

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