Children’s TV presenters

Some people just seem to be born to do the job they’re in.

Like yer man Justin who does Mr Tumble. Even though he creeps me out a bit I can’t deny that he’s entirely natural on TV with kids.

I mean I just couldn’t picture him being an MMA fighter.

He’s doing the thing he’s meant to do.

Or her man Andy who goes back in time to meet the dinosaurs.

While he looks like he’d make a half-decent rugby flanker, he’s carved out a niche for himself as the CBeebies action man.

My wee son loves Andy and his adventures.

But there are those who are just not quite as good at it.

And that’s where it becomes interesting.

Yer woman Pui off Show Me, Show Me.

I don’t think I’m being too controversial here when I say she just can’t sing.

Every time she opens her mouth to sing it sounds like a poor suffering puppy trying to alert a negligent owner that it has worms.

But Pui somehow manages to get away with it by obviously having a very good time.

Like the embarrassing auntie who won’t let go of the karaoke mic she seems to embrace her lack of tone, even making a virtue of it.

And it kinda works somehow.

My love of useless trivia leads me to the discovery that Pui used to be inside the Po costume in the original Teletubbies.

And while there were times when I want to stuff her back inside the big red outfit, for the most part I can forgive her tunelessness.

After all I sing to my son all the time and I make Pui sound like Maria Callas.

Then there’s yer man Rory off My Pet and Me.

His problem is the eyes.

The eyes give it all away. You can’t disguise the eyes.

When he’s doing that excruciating twist dance surrounded by children and the Irish woman the eyes betray him.

You can’t pretend you’re having a good time when the eyes reveal you actually feel very foolish.

His eyes keep saying to me ‘I’m classically trained you know…..’

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