The free drink voucher

Several times I’ve raised the issue of whether it is appropriate for promotional leaflets for private companies to be sent home in my son’s schoolbag.

There was Slimming World, the cosmetic dentist and the private tuition company.

Today my son told me there was a letter in his bag.

The letter turned out to be a leaflet advertising a local pub and restaurant.

It included a ‘Complimentary Drink Voucher’ which could be exchanged, it explained, for a glass of wine, a bottle of beer or a soft drink.

I prefer my four-year-old doesn’t drink wine or beer. I’m old fashioned that way.

The leaflet also explained an offer where groups who visit this establishment could receive a ‘complimentary cocktail’.


Sorry, I’ve officially run out of things to say 

3 thoughts on “The free drink voucher

  1. This is so strange. I know companies have targeted schools for a long time – soft drink companies paying for scoreboards for school football teams in exchange for exclusive rights to distribute soft drinks in school. (A questionable idea IMO anyway)

    But this is really not cool, IMO. Not only is it commercial, it’s encouraging drinking. Yes – I know, many folks drink, but the number of kids I know who grew up with alcoholic parents (myself included) is enough that I wonder how good an idea it is to encourage mom and/or dad to go out and have another. Not cool.

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  2. No you can’t run out of things to say Jonny!!!!! Please think of something, anything! A post about the weather?! Joking aside, I’m surprised at a pub being advertised via a school; had to chuckle at ‘I’m old fashioned like that’ though! Ha!

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