Back to Planet Fun

One of the nicest parts of parenting is watching your child achieve something which he doesn’t believe he can.

Back at Planet Fun on S13 on Boucher Road in Belfast, my wee man quietly stared at the other kids bouncing on the bungee line on the trampolines.

He’d seen the game before, but always been too afraid to ask for a go. And it was the same yesterday as we worked our way around the array of rides and games. His eyes never strayed too far from the trampolines.

The caterpillar rollercoaster was fun, the bumper cars were eventful and some much needed parental respite was found while my son and his friend giggled and clambered on the bouncy castles.

It was just as we were about to leave that he finally gathered the courage to ask for a go on the trampolines.

So he was strapped into the harness and, with a little helping hand from daddy, soon he was soaring towards the ceiling.

And he loved it.

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