The diamond ring leaflet

It’s been a while since I’ve had cause to comment on any of the blatantly commercial leaflets sent home in my son’s schoolbag.

After Slimming World, the private cosmetic dentist and the two-for-one alcoholic drinks offer, it’s been quiet.

Perhaps, I even thought, someone has had second thoughts on the suitability of schoolbags being exploited by private revenue.

Then today, at the school gates, my son meets me with ‘There’s something in my schoolbag to show you daddy’.

It turns out to be a leaflet for a jeweller offering a sale on diamond rings.

My son asks me ‘Is it homework daddy?’

Just in case there are any concerns that diamond rings may be beyond the pocket money range of a P1 pupil, the leaflet helpfully informs that interest free finance options are available.

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